This Government Really Needs A Minister for Youth / Article

Youth unemployment is at the highest it’s been in four decades, mental illness is on the rise, we’re met with an uncertain jobs market and shrinking tax breaks, and the likelihood of buying a house feels like an elusive dream. Unfortunately, in this country, young people are seen as a resource rather than an asset.


You Can Have A Beautiful Day Alone / Story
We Are Explorers

Take off your shoes and walk the rest of the way barefoot. Let the mud slip between your toes. When you get there, strip down and slip into the water. Dive in naked if you can. Tim Winton once wrote, ‘isn’t is beautiful how the water allows you to swim through it?’. Remember that.


A New Church / Creative Writing
Highly Commended, 2017 Odyssey House Victoria Short Story Competition

...There’s a girl in a tartan skirt passed out on a couch, up against one of the mirrored walls. Her hand is flopped over the edge of the sofa like a ventriloquist dummy. I am scared a man will come and put himself inside her and control the way she moves.


The Manic Pixie Dream Girl On Tour / Essay
Global Hobo

He proceeds to plan a picnic by a waterfall, buys a copy of Kerouac’s On The Road and picks up a Contiki tour brochure at the local travel agent with a beaming smile on his face. Suddenly, the MPDG becomes a catalyst for him to discover how to embrace life in a true and authentic way....