Canggu Feel The Love

So I landed in Denpasar, Bali with $0.03c in my bank account because I forgot that money takes three days to transfer. I made an active decision to befriend a guy on my plane that I stalked on Facebook doing the same program as me in the line at Visa on Arrival. This was so that I could look at him with helpless eyes and convince him to shout me 50 bucks if my other bank card didn't work. Thankfully it did, and I simply bonded like a normal human instead of appearing like a desperate cheapskate. I got 10 Canadian dollars exchanged at the shop and went on my merry way. (Dear Canadian Aunty, thank you for visiting 10 years ago and giving me that note. It saved my life.). We took a taxi to Canggu to begin an internship with Global Hobo and 30 others from around the globe. Keen and starving, we shoved our shit in the back of the van and got going. 

This internship involves a stack of Indonesian language classes (2 hours a day), writing workshops and a mega assignment that I'm super psyched about because I get super psyched about every kind of humongous potentially unachievable task. Apparently it's a book and I'm one of the editors and I'm shitting bricks.

I was terrified I would be 10x not cool enough for this gig, but it turns out every single person is cool in the most down to earth, welcoming kind of way. We got ourselves scooters and cemented a solid love in a food joint that makes the best smoothies and the most overwhelming amount of delicious tucker for $3 a plate. Stoked.

It's nothing unpredictable, but I lost my glasses. I don't remember how. One minute they were in my hand, the next I was on my scooter tapping my naked face wondering where they went. We put two and two together and concluded that I probably tucked it into my dress, it dislodged itself in the wind and was on its way to being crushed beneath a mound of tires before I could say 'hati-hati di jalan'. 

We cruised around through the streets of rice paddies and little homes and whooped and cheered and fist pumped in incredulity. I am sharing a moto with the legend I befriended at the airport to save dosh and secure ourselves designated drivers.

A stack of us went for a swim at sunset, bobbing around in the salty sea with the fading ball of fire and the pink, pink sky with smiles on our faces and bellies keen for beer.

Every day is busy and bustling, every corner lurks with conversation that dives deeper than surface level, and every couch is full of creatives reading and writing. I'm happy to say my money finally came in and I bought a Bintang and settled into my top bunk with my mosquitoes and blind eyes and very happy heart. I'm looking forward to the next four weeks. Hopefully I'll be fluent and running a blog in Indonesian by February. Terima kasih dan selamat tinggal!