Senur, Bali

There is something quite magical about sliding your feet into soft, white sand at a restaurant by the Indian Ocean and eating local produce with a good friend and a beer. Or lying in a beach chair with a fresh mango juice and a good book. Or stopping four lanes of traffic on the highway. Or skinny-dipping in the early evening in your hotel pool. Or shaving your legs in the bath and drinking Indonesian alcho-pops in your bikini. Or unknowingly getting your boobs massaged in your 'full body massage'. Or getting your earrings stolen by an abusive monkey. Or showering naked with your masseuse. Or talking descriptive bowel movements and body pains and sweaty fluids. Or soaking up sunsets, long walks and frangipanis.


Hot, tiresome and yet absolutely magical.

Travelling with a friend for the first time has been rad, and it's been so sweet to share in some awesome memories with someone I can actually relive them with at a later date, at home even! Today we part ways, her heading back to Sydney and me moving on from Senur in Bali to another city. Thank you Kachina for your love, your laughs and your willingness to do all things!