Jet Setting

Journal, kindle, passport. The essentials are packed and I'm ready to head back over to Asia and try again. Take two! My fourth year of university is complete and I'm ready to relax (only one to go!). I'm heading straight to Bali for the Readers and Writers Festival in Ubud. I couldn't be more keen to listen to a diverse range of incredible speakers talk of their processes and inspirations. I touchdown the evening before it begins, so jumping straight into the thick of it. 

As always, I will attempt to blog throughout. I'm hoping to share some sweet morsels of information I've picked up in the first week so if you're a reader or writer, listen out. 

I have loved the fact that I've maintained a blog through Cambodia, my days picking fruit in the outback, my 7 months in Europe, my recent Asia trip.... I am looking forward to binding them all together in some books upon return. It's crazy to read all the little bits and pieces and character profiles of people and places I've almost forgotten. 

See you on the other side!