I enjoy summarising my month in list form- of things I like, moments that broke my heart, smells that seem to seep right into my bones. 

October has been a month of feeling, of swinging from end to end of every possible emotional spectrum. I wake and tell myself I am strong, fearless, capable. I feel ready to jump on a plane again (9 days), I feel ready to tackle the world and immerse myself in a culture. 

It's so interesting to track my months this year- how cold my bones were in January, how poignant the smell of lavender was in May, how broken I felt in September. Documenting the hands I've held, the mouths kissed, the dinners shared. I rarely look over my year, but this afternoon in the comforts of my favourite library I sat with my journal and read my words and struggled to comprehend how all of this could happen in 291 days.