I work on the following projects in varying capacity throughout the year. I am also studying a Masters of Public Policy through the University of Sydney (part time) because I’m passionate about effecting systemic change.


Social Change Central - Content and Product Manager

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I manage Social Change Central's social accounts, build and execute content strategies and ensure the promotional campaigns for Social Change Central and their clients are performing at their peak.
In 2019 I was contracted by Social Change Central in partnership with Deloitte to develop a 2020 Digital Marketing Strategy as part of the Australian Government’s Small Business Digital Champions project.

The Gravity of Guilt - Editor and founder

The Gravity of Guilt is a digital publication designed to connect Christian apostates and the spiritually homeless with stories and community to assist in their deconstruction. People who leave religion are often faced with an abundance of deeply troubling issues: fragmented relationships, loneliness, the death of an eternal self, sexual guilt and shame, a loss of community and a paralysing fear of hell. I founded The Gravity of Guilt in 2018 after writing about my own deconstruction.

We believe in empowering individuals to make their own decisions about faith. We are not religiously affiliated, and we welcome the religious, the non-religious and those that exist in the liminal space with open arms. Our primary focus is supporting those who are struggling with their mental health as a result of leaving organised religion. We have a thriving Facebook Group, Sydney Exvangelicals, with over 200+ members who are entirely self-organising. Regular meetups occur across Sydney.

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